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Unlimited T-Mobile 114
Top Dawg Electronics

Unlimited T-Mobile 114

Regular price $114.99

Unlimited T-Mobile Data Plan

$114.99 Price includes all taxes, fees, line charges, etc.

We offer *Unlimited GB of usage with T-Mobile tower service! 

All you pay is one price regardless of how much data you use. Our plan offers guaranteed higher data speeds during your usage allotment period.

This plan has usage allotments but customers can use as much data they need during the monthly billing cycle, after data usage 50gb allotment is used up, data usage speeds may reduce.

The first 50GB will be the highest speeds and downloads based on the service of your location that the service tower can provide. After hitting 50GB it is a possibility you can be slowed down at certain time of the day if a tower is congested.

If the towers in the area are not congested your customers may not even notice a difference.

What is the difference between our unlimited plan and other providers selling unlimited plans?

We get this question all the time, Here it is, we have complete control of the speed and the amount of data you can use. Other providers are selling you faith based cellular plans that offer 22GB of high speed data and then can go slower after congestion. The reason that it does not go slower quicker on our data service is that we keep the tower to be congested that allows the service to go on for a bit longer before being throttled down.

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